Posted on: January 29, 2008 8:25 am


Well here goes ! Now that we put to rest , Brady`s soft shoe we can move on ! In Vegas 3 out of every 4 dollars are on the Giants , so i feel the need to help you bettors out ! My prediction is this : PAT`S - 37 GIANTS - 23 . The line is 12 1/2 o/u 55 . There is no reason to believe Giants defense can hold Pat`s , they couldn`t do it at home & there not going to do it in Arizona ! The major mismatch here is the experience , with the Pats a heavy favorite in that department ! Manning who has played very well in playoffs , has his bubble burst with turnover`s galore ! I predict a close game midway through 2nd quarter , then a Pats explosion off repeated turnovers by Giants . You don`t have to thank me , just make money ! BEST BET : OVER - 55 .

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Posted on: January 26, 2008 6:38 pm
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Tom Brady in a soft cast , walking the streets of Manhattan ? Is he hurt , or just playing possum ? Can someone really be that hurt , and still able to walk the endless blocks of NYC ? Seems to me Mr. Brady is fine & dandy , and the boot is nothing more than a winter accessory ! Or is this a real injury , with a unwilling pataient ? I leave this question for you the fan to answer , but for this blogger it`s all a parlor trick ! Unless Brady was walking to a doctors office , the last place you want to walking are the streets of Manhattan ! So Tom you may think you fool us , but i know your just a hop , skip & a jump away from your next Super Bowl MVP !!! Well the question has been asked , Brady or no Brady that is the question ?

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